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Meet the Saltijeral family! Natives of Aurora, Illinois, this family's love for people and their community has set the foundation to open Charlie's Silver Spoon Creamery. 

Paired nicely with the decadent flavors, the Saltijeral family is serving up the rich history of the Aurora Silver Plate Manufacturing Building, as well. Come for ice cream of the freshest ingredients, stay for the thoughtful conversation. Charlie's is sure to put a smile on all faces.


Meet Charlie!

A Cavapoo hailing from the Southern states. As a young pup, he made his way up to Aurora, Illinois, and now considers this city his home. With a playful spirit and love of quality treats, Charlie used it as inspiration to give back to the community. 
Charlie invites you to be his guest as he opens the doors to 6 E. Downer Pl. Soak in the rich history of the monumental building. Taste the fresh ingredients of Charlie’s hand-crafted ice cream. Enjoy spirited conversation with your local community.

The Scoop

     The Aurora Silver Plate Manufacturing Company, a beacon of hope during lack-luster times for “the City of Lights”, became this icon under the leadership of Charles Wheaton.  It was the town of Aurora that Wheaton viewed as a hidden gem and strived to uncover it. When the manufacturing company made its home in Aurora in 1869, it brought jobs and life to the local economy. Known for its well-crafted products, the Aurora Silver Plate Manufacturing Company quickly gained recognition throughout the country  during its fifty-year stint.

     After sitting empty for over twenty-five years, this building has a new tenant: Charlie’s Silver Spoon Creamery.  Specializing in ice cream made with the freshest ingredients and richest flavors, Charlie’s opens its doors to one and all! Modeling after its most well-known tenants, the quality of their craftmanship can be found on the tip of a silver spoon. Come taste for yourself Downtown Aurora’s newest addition, Charlie’s Silver Spoon Creamery! 

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